1. Goggles must be worn on the field of play at all times. Players who violate this rule will be asked to sit out a game, or asked to leave the park. Players in the out zone on the field must keep their goggles on at all times. Players may remove goggles only when off the field in the staging area.
  2. Barrel socks must be secured around the tip of the markers barrel when not in play, with the bungee secured around the rear receiver of the marker to ensure that the protective cover will not come off. Failure to follow this rule may result in ejection from the park.
  3. All players must have their markers Chronographed under 280 feet per second. Players with markers shooting over will not be allowed to play until the marker is properly set.
  4. Oakland Paintball Park is a Field paint only facility, you may only use the paintballs purchased from Oakland Paintball Park same day. This is so that we can ensure the safety of all players.
  5. Players at no time are allowed to shoot over the protective netting, or straight up into the air, players who violate this will be immediately ejected from the park.
  6. Players are not allowed to construct bunkers, booby traps, or other misc. things. If you have a question about this please consult the referees.
  7. Players are not allowed to climb trees.
  8. Players must use bunkers on the field of play for cover and for cover only, players may not climb on top of them.
  9. At no time is Physical contact allowed, this includes melees and barrel tag or tap.
  10. Any player who shoots their marker in the safe zone will be immediately ejected from the park.
  11. At no time are players allowed to shoot at wildlife, players caught intentionally shooting wildlife will be immediately ejected from the park.
  12. Possession of real weapons such as knives, firearms, grenades, explosives, or any type of pyrotechnics are not allowed on premises.
  13. Players suspected of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be asked to leave the park.
Referees decisions are final, if you have any issues, please take it up with the referee after the game, or see the host at the airfill station.